Are you looking for some fun seasonal math activities to keep your students focused on learning math this November?

Crafty math teachers know how to channel their student's excitement into holiday-themed activities during this time of year. And since preparing materials is time-consuming (and you're already so busy this school year as it is), my gift to you this fall is 5 Days of Fall Math Challenges

The following printable Fall Math Worksheets allow you to inject some seasonal mathematics into your lessons this month.

Each worksheet shares a challenge question (answers are included) appropriate for all elementary and middle school grade levels - they are perfect for warm-ups, exit tickets, and homework and extra credit assignments.

Parents can also share these fun challenge questions with your kids to keep them engaged and thinking mathematically this fall.

Now let's get problem-solving!

Download Instructions: You can download any of the challenges by right-clicking the image and saving it to your computer or by dragging-and-dropping each image to your desktop.

1.) Day 1 of 5

(Hint: What two numbers have a sum of 27 and a difference of 13?)

Sunflower + Corn = 13

Apple = 7*

Pumpkin = 20

? = 33

*-thank you to Ms. Winderman’s 3rd graders for finding the correct answer! 



2.) Day 2 of 5

(Hint: 100 is a perfect square!)

Turkey = 10

Leaves = 2

Umbrella = 20

Pumpkin Cart = 10

? = 30

3.) Day 3 of 5

(Hint: Multiplication is commutative)

Fire = 3

Umbrella = 2

Tree = 6

Apple Cider = 1

? = 12



4.) Day 4 of 5

(Hint: You can't have zero in the denominator of a fraction.)

Turkey = 0

Cake = 4

Beet = 16

Plate = 0

? = 64

5.) Day 5 of 5

(Hint: Start with the hat first!)

Chipmunk = 1/3

Leaf = 1

Hat = 1/2

Strawberry Jam = 1/4




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By Anthony Persico

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