Math students are more engaged and participative learners when they are actively engaged with what they are learning.

And one of the best ways to achieve this high level of engagement is through the use of hands-on activities.

So, when it comes time to help your kids gain a deep conceptual understanding of measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode, and range), you'll need a fun and engaging hands-on group activity.

If you are looking for a fun mean, median, and mode activity to add to your lesson plans, check out this awesome hands-on activity idea involving playing cards (and it includes a free lesson guide and worksheet!).

Click Here to download your free LESSON GUIDE AND WORKSHEET.

Learning Standard: 6th Grade Statistics and Probability 

Giving quantitative measures of center (median and/or mean) and variability (interquartile range and/or mean absolute deviation), as well as describing any overall pattern and any striking deviations from the overall pattern with reference to the context in which the data were gathered.

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By Anthony Persico


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