Are you looking for some fun, printable math games and puzzles for your middle school students?

These 5 math challenges will engage your students and get them thinking creatively and visually about math topics including fractions, areas models, the order of operations, and even algebra!

So, can your middle schoolers solve these fun math puzzles? 



Solution: Pizza = 3, Hamburger = 2, Taco = 8

Multiplication Table


Solution: Volcano = 1, Statue of Liberty = 3, Rocket = 6, Race Car = 2, Ferris Wheel = 18

Logic Puzzle


Solution: Multiple solutions exist using each value only once.

Area Model


Solution: Pretzel = 8, Mustard = 3, Chocolate-Covered = 50, Salt = 40, Sticks = 24

Fraction Model


Solution: Pink = 16, Chocolate = 8, Purple = 2, Ice Cream Cup = 24, Ice Cream Cone = 3

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By Anthony Persico

Anthony is the content crafter and head educator for YouTube's MashUp Math and an advisor to Amazon Education's 'With Math I Can' Campaign. You can often find me happily developing animated math lessons to share on my YouTube channel . Or spending way too much time at the gym or playing on my phone.



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