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Learn Math in VR with This 360-Degree Puzzle

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Learn Math in VR with This 360-Degree Puzzle

Are you seriously ready to see something cool?

You've probably seen 360-degree and/or VR videos on YouTube or Facebook. Maybe you've seen one of a guy surfing a huge wave in Maui or another giving you a stunning, real-time view of a sun rise over Machu Pichu.

And while these videos often reside in the entertainment realm, many of them can be used to enrich learning experiences in the science and history classrooms.


But when it comes to teaching and learning math, you've been out of luck. There are simply no 360-degree/VR math activities to share with your kids.

Until now.

I believe that the future of math education has a strong VR component to it - there are just too many fun, visual, and engaging applications to ignore. So, I spent the past few months experimenting with and creating 360-math lessons and puzzles for you to share with your kids!

Shooting on the VR stage at UploadVR in Marina Del Rey, CA, with VR specialist Craig Dacey, I filmed hours of content to use to create math challenges, puzzles, and lessons that can be viewed in 360-degrees!

And the very first VR math lesson is finally live and can be viewed on YouTube right now! It's a Back to School themed math challenge puzzle that your kids will love!

The puzzle can be viewed on any device (desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet), with or without a VR headset. It also includes a solution at the end of the video. 

Before you watch the video...

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By Anthony Persico

Anthony is the content crafter and head educator for YouTube's MashUp Math and an advisor to Amazon Education's 'With Math I Can' Campaign. You can often find me happily developing animated math lessons to share on my YouTube channel . Or spending way too much time at the gym or playing on my phone.


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