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10 Awesome Flipped Math Geometry Videos Your Students Will Love

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10 Awesome Flipped Math Geometry Videos Your Students Will Love

Effective flipped math geometry teachers know that relying on only one video (or one type of video) for every topic is a poor strategy for meeting the needs of a diverse group of students.

 When it comes to geometry, which is much more visual that algebra, concepts must be presented in a number of ways. For flipped math geometry students to achieve success, video lessons must be differentiated to give students the opportunity to apply their strengths and have some choice in how they learn the material.

 And while there are tons of video lessons on YouTube and elsewhere that apply to common flipped math geometry topics, very few of them are highly visual and appealing to students with a visual learning preference.

 So, if you are looking for some free, helpful, and highly visual flipped math geometry video lessons to share with your students, check out my top ten list:

10 Awesome Flipped Math Geometry Videos

1.) Is a square a rectangle?

2.) Geometry Proofs involving Isosceles Triangles

3.) Finding Arc Length and Sector Area of a Circle

4.) How to Dilate a Figure

5.) Exploring the Triangle Congruence Theorems

6.) Parallel Lines Cut By Transversals

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7.) Finding Area and Perimeter of Rectangles in the Real World

8.) Translating Figures on the Coordinate Plane

9.) Exploring Tangent Lines and Circles

10.) Rotating Figures on the Coordinate Plane

Did I miss your favorite flipped math geometry video? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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By Anthony Persico


Anthony is the content crafter and head educator for YouTube's MashUp Math and an advisor to Amazon Education's 'With Math I Can' Campaign. You can often find me happily developing animated math lessons to share on my YouTube channel . Or spending way too much time at the gym or playing on my phone.

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