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Want some awesome free resources for a Super Bowl math lesson?


Want some awesome free resources for a Super Bowl math lesson?


With the Super Bowl just around the corner, now is the perfect time to channel your kids' enthusiasm for the biggest sporting event of the year into engaging learning activities.

If you're looking to inject some NFL-themed math activities into your lessons plans this week, check out some of these awesome free resources.

You can download any of the graphics by right-clicking and saving to your computer (or by dragging-and-dropping to your desktop).


Can your kids solve these NFL-themed math puzzles?

Math puzzles are an awesome way to get kids excited about problem-solving and engaged in deep mathematical thinking.

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Which One Doesn't Belong?

WODB? activities are perfect for warm-up and cool-downs because they spark creative thinking and lead to engaged mathematical discussions.

Want to learn more about how you can use WODB? activities with your kids? Why You Should Be Using WODB to Ignite Student Thinking in Math


Multiplication, Area Models...and Football?

Are you looking for some fun resources to help your kids develop their understanding of multiplication?

Want more math puzzles like these? Click here to access 101 of them!



Left Puzzle: football=1, helmet=3, cleat=2, trophy=6, pads=18

Right Puzzle: helmet=10, football=5, trophy=15, cleat=12

Are you looking for more daily math challenges and puzzles to share with your kids?

My best-selling workbook 101 Math Challenges for Engaging Your Students is now available as a PDF download. You can get yours today by clicking here.


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