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Celebrate Pi Day with this Fun Facts Infographic


Celebrate Pi Day with this Fun Facts Infographic

March 14th is almost here and it’s time to celebrate your favorite mathematical holiday, Pi Day! 

And if you're looking for some awesome Pi Day 2018 activities to share with your kids, check out our infographic that shares interesting National Pi Day fun facts that will blow your mind!

Your kids will learn answers to questions like:

1.)   What is the earliest recorded reference to Pi?

2.)   Who was the first person to use the Pi symbol?

3.)   Where, when, and why was Pi Day first celebrated?

4.)   What famous people are born on Pi Day?

National Pi Day Fun Facts InfoGraphic


Trying to print? Right-click on the image to save it to your computer (or drag and drop onto your desktop).

You can also watch the video version of our Pi Day Infographic on YouTube. Check it out below:

Pi Day Video

Do you have any unique ideas for celebrating Pi Day with your kids? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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By Anthony Persico

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