Math teachers are always looking for cool math games and activities to share with students at the elementary and middle school levels. Using cool math games and activities in your lesson plans is a great strategy for boosting student engagement and excitement for learning math inside and outside of the classroom.

The following list of cool math games and activities for kids includes math video games, math board games, math puzzles and brain teasers, and other fun math game and activity ideas.

These cool maths games and activities are perfect for lesson plans, at home learning, summer session, and more. Which one will be your favorite?

Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids: Video Games


1.) Prodigy

With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1 - 8, Prodigy is the perfect game for mastering mathematics both at home and at school (visit).

2.) Math Playground

Math Playground is a popular learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of 
problem solving activities. A favorite of parents and teachers, Math Playground provides 
a safe place for children to learn and explore math concepts at their own pace (visit).

BrainPop Jr. shares a huge collection of fun, game-based learning math lessons.

BrainPop Jr. shares a huge collection of fun, game-based learning math lessons.

3.) BrainPop Jr

Gently encourages young learners to ask questions and form their own ideas about core math learning topics (visit).

4.) DreamBox Learning-Math

DreamBox Learning Math is an adaptive, online K-8 math program designed to complement classroom instruction and deliver results (visit).

5.) Monkey Math (iOS app)

Join your child’s favorite monkey in math games and activities in a playfully designed beach-themed world (visit)

Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids: Board Games


6.) Sum Swap

Kids develop math fluency and early math skills basic as they play through the game board (learn more).

Kids love to play the  Sequence Numbers  game!

Kids love to play the Sequence Numbers game!

7.) Sequence Numbers

Match the addition or subtraction equation on the card to the correct answer on the board, and place your chip there (learn more).

8.) Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game

Learn place value, counting, addition, and subtraction with a prehistoric twist! (learn more)

9.) Pay Day!

This classic board game is much easier than Monopoly and teaches kids how to make and manage money (learn more)

10.) Pizza Fraction Fun Game

Segmented pizzas provide a multi-sensory way to introduce and explore fractions (learn more)

Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids: Math Puzzles


11.) Daily Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku puzzles are a great activity for kids. They exercise the brain, help develop logical reasoning, and provide a sense of achievement (visit).

12.) Riddles from Math Warehouse

Your kids will have a blast with fun math riddles and brain teasers! (visit)

Get free math puzzles at

Get free math puzzles at

13.) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Puzzles from Mashup Math

Sharing these fun, free, and printable daily math puzzles with your students is guaranteed to boost student engagement and get your kids exciting about practicing and learning math every day! (visit)

14.) Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Make your math warm-ups more visual and thought-provoking with Which One Doesn’t Belong? activities. They’re a great strategy for instantly sparking creative and critical student thinking (learn more and access free sample graphics).

15.) Two Truths and One Lie! (2T1L)

2T1L is a fun way to spark deep mathematical thinking and open discussion at the start (or end—2T1L activities make great exit tickets) of any lesson (learn more and access sample activities)

Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids: Fun Activities


16.) The Barbie Bungee Jump!

The Barbie Bungee Jump Experiment is a super fun, hands-on, group STEM lesson idea (learn more).

17.) The Human Number Line

Fraction Kits are simple and highly effective.

Fraction Kits are simple and highly effective.

Every student receives a card with a value on the front and they have to stand side-by-side to create a human number line! Make this activity extra challenging by only allow certain students to speak (or none at all). (video example)

18.) Fraction Kit

Creating fraction kits is a great way to get your kids exploring equivalent fractions and acquiring a deep, conceptual understanding of the topic (learn more)

19.) Math Facts Hopscotch

Challenge kids to a game of hopscotch, multiplication hopscotch that is. Get some fresh air while skip counting and hopping! (learn more)

20.) The Famous Four 4’s Activity

Can you find every number between 1 and 20 using only four 4’s and any operation? (Here’s an example √4 + √4 + 4⁄4 = 5). (learn more)

21.) Candy Math!

Using candy as a hands-on math learning tool is a great way to make good use of all the piles of candy at Halloween or Easter and to boost student engagement (get 30+ Amazing Candy Math Activities for Kids).

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What fun math Activities are you sharing with your kids this week? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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