Are Your Kids Ready for These Fun Math Baseball Puzzles and Activities?

Take advantage of your math students’ love for baseball by channelling their enthusiasm for the American past time into fun and engaging learning experiences.

In addition to having your students use their math skills to calculate popular baseball statistics, you can share the following baseball math activities in your upcoming lesson plans. Enjoy!

How to Download: You can download any of the following puzzles for free by either right-clicking and saving the image or by dragging-and-dropping it to your desktop.


Math Baseball: Operations Puzzle

The following Baseball Math puzzle is a sample from our best-selling workbook 101 Daily Math Challenges for Engaging Students in Grades 3-8.

The puzzle requires students to use their math skills to find the value of each baseball symbol.

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Answer Key: Batter=12, Fielder=12, Pitcher=1, Catcher=0. ?=24

Math Baseball: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

The following Which One Doesn’t Belong Baseball Activity is a sample from our best-selling workbook 101 Daily Which One Doesn’t Belong? Math Activities for Grades 1-8.

For this activity, students will observe the graphic below and reflect before applying their mathematical and reasoning skills to choose which of the option does not belong and why.

Click here to learn more about why Which One Doesn’t Belong? activities are an awesome strategy for engaging your students and sparking deep mathematical discussion at the start of any lesson.


Answer Key: WODB activities do not have a correct answer. The graphic can be interpreted in a variety of different ways and the goal is to ignite deep mathematical thinking and spark a discussion.

Math Baseball: Think-Notice-Wonder

The following Think-Notice-Wonder graphic is a writing prompt where students are required to complete the following statements based on their observations: I think…, I notice…, I wonder…

Click here to learn more about how you can use Think-Notice-Wonder activities to get your kids to take advantage of the benefits of writing about math.


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