Are You Ready to Celebrate National Astronomy Day in Your Math Classroom with These Free Math Puzzles for Elementary School and Middle School Students?

National Astronomy Day is celebrated twice a year—once in the spring and again in the fall.

This fall, Astronomy Day will be celebrated on October 5th, which is the Saturday closest to the quarter moon.

And since astronomy and mathematics go hand-in-hand, celebrating Astronomy Day in your classroom is a great way to inspire your students and to have a discussion about the many awesome real-world connections in math, like becoming an astrophysicist!


The following astronomy-themed math puzzles for elementary and middle school students are samples from my best-selling PDF math workbook: The Big Book of Super Fun Math Puzzles for Grades 1-6.

The puzzles are tiered by difficulty using the following color system used in the book.

Pink Level (Grades 1-2) | Blue Level (Grades 3-4) | Green Level (Grades 5-6+)

Free Astronomy-Themed Math Puzzles for Grades 1-6+

How to Download: You can download any of the following puzzles for free by either right-clicking and saving the image or by dragging-and-dropping it to your desktop.

(answer keys to follow)

Pink Level Puzzle ( for Grades 1-2)


Blue Level Puzzle (for Grades 3-4)


Green Level Puzzle (for Grades 5-6+)


Wait! Do You Want More Fun Math Puzzles to Share with Your Kids??

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And the book includes a really cool Make Your Own Math Puzzle hands-on activity requiring only scissors and glue to complete. 

It also includes a complete answer key and several useful templates.

Take a Look Inside

You can access the entire Table of Contents by clicking here.

And you can click the links below to access some sample pages:

Pink Level Samples (for Grades 1 and 2): Sample A | Sample B

Blue Level Samples (for Grades 3 and 4): Sample A | Sample B | Sample C

Green Level Samples (for Grades 5 and 6+): Sample A | Sample B | Sample C

There are three puzzles per page and they include the familiar name/date/directions sections that are included in typical math worksheets, which makes them easier to print and share aswarm-up and exit-ticket activities, in lesson plans, and as extra credit and homework assignments.


Click here to get your copy of The Big Book of Super Fun Math Puzzles for Grades 1-6.

And check out the solutions to the pet-themed puzzles below:

Pink Level (Grades 1-2): Astronaut=9, Planet=2, Shuttle=4, ?=13

Blue Level (Grades 3-4): Astronaut=10, Planet=9, Shuttle=5, Moon=12, ?=120

Green Level (Grades 5-6+): Astronaut=5, Planet=5, Shuttle=26, Moon=23, ?=141

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By Anthony Persico

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